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1 June 2010 г.

31 December is the Deadline for Re-registration of Traders with the Commercial Register

Traders and branches of foreign traders already registered in the commercial registers and registers of cooperatives, kept by the registration courts, are subject to obligatory re-registration in the single Commercial Register, operating as from 1 January 2008. The deadline for re-registration expires on 31 December 2010.

For the purpose of completing the re-registration procedure the following documents need to be filed with the Commercial Register:

  • standard application form;
  • specific certificate for current legal standing (for the re-registration procedure) issued by the respective registration court;
  • endorsed articles of association, as accompanied by an additional standard application form (only for companies and cooperatives);
  • additional standard application forms in case certain circumstances regarding the corporate status of traders have been already entered in the registers, kept by the registration courts, such as the appointment of company’s procurator; establishment of branch (together with a certificate for current legal standing of the branch); imposing pledge on company’s shares or going concern, etc.;
  • standard declaration form stating that the circumstances subject to registration and the acts to be announced are true;
  • power-of-attorney – in case the documents are filed by an attorney.
The above documents can also be filed via electronic signature. No state fees are payable for the re-registration procedure.

The Commercial Register Act provides for automatic winding-up of entities which fail to re-register until 31 December 2010.

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