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21 March 2014 г.

Bulgarian Parliament passes amendments to the Labour Code

With its latest amendments (promulgated in the State Gazette on 25 March 2014) the Bulgarian Labour Code now explicitly regulates internships and the relationship between employers and interns.

The Labour Code now requires employers to sign labour contracts with interns for a period of six to twelve months. Eligible to be employed as interns are only people aged under 29 with no prior experience in the profession they are qualified for. An employee can be appointed under an internship contract only once.

For each intern the employer is required to assign a mentor with at least three years of relevant experience and a similar profession to that of the intern, in order to enable the intern to acquire practical occupational skills.

The labour contract between the mentor and the employer must be amended to incorporate the duties and work hours of the mentor for the duration of the internship.

Following the termination of the internship labour contract the employer has to issue a recommendation that certifies the results of the internship.

The internship contract can be terminated by either party with a 15-day notice.

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