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21 October 2011 г.

Bulgarian Labour Code now explicitly regulates telecommuting

The latest amendments of the Bulgarian Labour Code (published in the 82nd edition of the State Gazette for 2011) introduce the explicit possibility and regulation of telecommuting.

Telecommuting or telework is voluntary – it cannot be imposed on the employee or the employer. Rather, it requires the mutual consent of both parties. The Labour Code requires that telecommuting arrangements be stipulated in the individual or collective employment agreements, and, in certain cases – in internal acts of the employer (such as the employer’s Internal Rules, etc.).

In general, the employer is required to provide equipment, software and stationery supplies for teleworking employees, but the Labour Code also suggests that the employer and the employee may agree that the latter would use their own equipment.

The amended Labour Code warrants to teleworking employees equal rights with those enjoyed by employees working in employer’s offices. The employer is also required to provide to telecommuting employees opportunities for social communication with the rest of the employees, as well as opportunities to exercise their collective and union rights as employees.

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