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October 25, 2010

The Quick Guide to Bulgaria: Tax & Legal

The Quick Guide to Bulgaria: Tax & Legal (the "Guide") is a quick reference booklet providing an overview of Bulgarian tax legislation and the legal framework for some of the core matters which doing business in Bulgaria brings into consideration.

The Guide includes a data sheet with general information about Bulgaria, along with an overview of Bulgaria's legal system. The Legal Review section provides information about the business and regulatory aspects of having corporate presence in Bulgaria, and reviews of employment, real estate, competition and intellectual property legislation. The Tax Review section covers taxation of corporate and personal income, VAT and social and medical security issues.

The Guide does not purport to be an exhaustive reference for the issues covered, and it is not intended to be one. Rather, it is designated to provide a bird's-eye view perspective on the business and regulatory climate in Bulgaria. Accordingly, readers of this Guide should consult a legal and/or tax counsel on the relevant matter in each individual case.

The information in the Guide is in line with Bulgarian legislation as of 25 October 2010.

The Guide is available as a PDF document and in HTML (text only) format.

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