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September 14, 2010

SAC upholds CPC’s decision sanctioning concerted practice by 13 sunflower oil producers

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld a decision of the Commission for Protection of Competition for imposing sanctions on 13 producers of sunflower oil due to established violations of the Protection of Competition Act. The court found that a concerted practice between independent and competitive undertakings was at hand which affected the oil seed market. This concerted practice refers to determining the range of purchasing price for the basic production stuff, which counts for illegal coordination of the commercial behavior of these companies. The conclusions of the court were based on the evidence collected by the Commission for Protection of Competition within the initiated procedure.

Despite the upholding of the Commission for Protection of Competition's decision, the Supreme Administrative Court reduced the initial 13 sunflower oil producers' sanction of nearly BGN 1.9 million (ca. EUR 954,000) down to an aggregate of BGN 893,000 (ca. EUR 457,000).

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